03 May 2007


Considering how self-conscious I was reaching over the fence (it's good to be tall) to take these shots, I'm certain a paparazzo life would be rather challenging for me. Nonetheless, I'm pleased to present to you the pygmy goats I've mentioned. And a pony.

pony and pygmy goats
My favorite little goat, pregnant with even littler goats...

pygmy goat
Two years ago at TTaT: Simple, right?
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  1. OMG! How cute! is it even possible? I want one - it'll even fit in my small appartment!

  2. They are totally cute. I keep saying we should get a couple so we won't have to mow the lawn anymore. ;)

  3. Yes, I agree, they are damn cute. I like goats to begin with, but miniature ones... Oh - my - God!!!!