07 May 2007

I thought I was doing better...

Friday, I threw up after having eaten crackers, a combination of weather changes, sinuses, and drainage. Unable to keep down crackers is no way to start one's day. Still, it's not like being full-on sick, just sort of semi-nauseated in sporadic waves for a couple days.

With today's weather shift, I was feeling better, more optimistic. Until I flipped a bagel cream cheese-side onto my pants making one prolific streak as I fumbled catching it. Low. Blood. Sugar.

Of course, I'd already started the one load of laundry I planned to do today. And even after eating (yes, I also ate the side I smashed into my pants), my blood sugar still feels kind of low. Gives me second thoughts about driving to run some errands.


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  1. i hope you feel better soon!

  2. Yes, please feel better. And if you need to raise your blood sugar, lick your pants. ;-)

  3. Damn. Hope you feel better very soon. Do you tend to be hypoglycemic?

  4. Low blood sugar is no fun. Stay out of a hot shower for a while, it will make you dizzy. Try peanut butter - that stuff is a miracle.

  5. Thanks everybody. I am feeling pretty decent today.

    Kevin: Alas, it's too late for pantsicle action as I stain-sticked 'em and threw 'em in the wash already. ;)

    Elisabeth: To some extent, yeah, I'm no fun to be around if I'm overly hungry. In this case, it was more because my head/sinuses are rather sensitive to weather shifts.

    Melissa: That's good advice. I took a slightly cooler shower today since it's actually 80 out, but that totally makes sense. I'm not nearly as light-headed as I was on Monday, but leaning over can still get to me.

    And I dig peanut butter, so I'll remember that.