28 March 2007

Reduced to reverse

At the mall yesterday, a guy was wearing a t-shirt with only two words on it. The top line said "PATRIOT" in a font like the ones they use on college t-shirts. Below it, in a different font, it read, "IRAQ."

I feel reasonably certain his shirt was meant to convey his pro-war status as an American citizen. Am I the only one who thinks his shirt choice was horribly flawed?

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  1. No ma'am. I'm a firm believer in the collective good our country can produce - I'm a patriot. Not standing behind the foolish/evil decisions by my corrupt government doesn't make me less so.


  2. If only that day would come sooner...

    I was actually thinking from a more literal perspective regarding his shirt, but what you say is dead-on accurate as well.