14 March 2007

New Words and Old Words

Having transitioned at last from over-full to sated after dinner, I still don't feel up to a few rounds of DDR. Instead, embracing some relatively distraction-free time, I thought I'd resume editing the piece I mentioned last week.

The screen I'm staring at is not remotely blank, but I've only managed to add a few paragraph breaks and a stray word or two. I'm in that intermediate head space: capable of working but not driven by some specific inspiration. If I would just commit to it, inspiration might ensue. My patience is slim because I feel like the changes I'm making are purely functional clarifications for a presumed audience. It's fair to assume the mental leaps and omissions I make regarding people and timing in writing for myself will not be obvious to others.

OK, I feel more ready now.

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  1. it is so hard when you feel you should write or even want to write and there is just the empty screen, what I find worse is that there are times when I'm heading out the door, with kids etc, and I just want to jot something down and an hour later, still writing.

  2. yeah, but it's oh so good when you get in the zone. After I wrote this post, the next time I looked at the clock, three hours had gone by. Fortunately, I was ready to pack it in by then since it was just shy of 2 AM.