03 November 2006

Suspension of disbelief?

When you yank a necklace off someone's neck, doesn't it break?

I've seen this in so many movies and tv shows, including this week's Veronica Mars, that it got me wondering. If you're a thief, aren't you damaging your loot?

I imagine there's some percentage of necklaces with loose clasps where this approach might work, but I would think most would break adjacent to the clasp. Unless it was a thick chain or leather cord. Anyone? The necklaces I might be willing to experiment on are out of reach in storage at the moment.

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  1. Brilliant question! I know of several cases of people having chains ripped off their necks recently here in DC. Then, just a couple of days ago, I saw an ad for a pawn shop that says they will buy broken chains. Holy crapola! They should have just said, "Hey! Thieves! Bring your broken booty here!"

    I guess if it's 14K or 18K, the chains could always just be sold for the weight of the gold...


  2. Thanks, M! And you're right, holy cow with that pawn shop.

    I've never liked gold jewelry so the weight aspect hadn't occurred to me, but it makes sense. What gets me on tv is that the people wear the necklaces post-yank as if there was no damage to it. Often heirlooms, no less...

  3. Good question.

    I feel much more at home here now that you're back to the blue.

  4. Yeah, you'd break it. But it can be fixed and do you really think that whiny little girl would sit still long enough for VM to actual unclasp it? Nah. Not likely.

  5. Kevin: I get it... it just hits me the same way that gifts with separately wrapped lids do when I see them on tv.