22 November 2006

2nd Annual Thanksgiving Haikuathon

I enjoyed this so much last year, I'm bringing it back. Thanks, of course, to Cathy on whose blog I saw this idea first.

Just leave a comment telling me something about your Thanksgiving in a haiku. If there's enough participation, I'll put together a showcase post of the best ones in a couple days. I'll start:

Curried fruit is done
Already the house smells great:

What's up with mincemeat
pie? No meat? I might like it
if not for its name.

One year ago at TTaT: Slurge
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  1. No food until 2
    but I'm rather hungry now.
    I'm tempted to snack.

  2. No Thanksgiving here
    feasted Thursday on my own
    any reason goes...

  3. Good for you, Scholiast! I agree, any reason is a good reason to feast. :)

    Vittles were tasty
    Lots of starch represented
    I love pumpkin pie.

  4. Ate too much turkey,
    Then watched a bit of football.
    Fell asleep on couch.

  5. Ah, yes, football. Not my thing really, but I'm down with the napping. ;)

    Turkey on Wonder
    Bread, breakfast of champions.
    Fritos on the side.