07 October 2016

Life of Art SitRep #347 Blue Watercolor Ogee Pattern

Shot 311 photographs and 6 videos. Haven't really looked at them yet but the sky was so blue for a couple of days! Also went to an outdoor sculpture exhibit at a location with cool architecture and had a grand time. Soul food.

Started adding my design, Blue Watercolor Ogee Pattern, to my shop. It's a mix of hand-painted and digital elements composited that I'm proud of.
Check out the collection of Blue Watercolor Ogee Pattern products, more to come soon!

Updated descriptions as needed on new OtterBox iPhone 7 Cases.

Created Stylish Case-Mate iPhone 7 Cases and Distinctive Case-Mate iPhone 7 Plus Cases collections:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Stylish Case-Mate iPhone 7 Cases Collection at Rocklawn Arts, New Distinctive Case-Mate iPhone 7 Plus Cases Collection, and New OtterBox iPhone 7 Cases at Rocklawn Arts! (will post next week).

Worked on my photograph archive some, rating photographs, setting in/out points on videos.

Rearranged categories in store a bit.

Watched Jared Platt's webinar on Lightroom.

Made monthly backups (which is not to say I don't back up more often than that, I do). Have you backed up lately?

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