03 October 2016

Draw Your Beverage

Months ago, I mentioned that I was doing 28 to Make, a free series of creative prompts from Creative Live. (Still free, so check it out!)

Now that I've copyright registered a large batch of work including my very rough sketches, I'm trying to be better about posting so you can see what I've been up to.

I had kind of a false start, so I have two drawings for the first couple days.

Day 1's prompt was draw your beverage. The original drawings are smaller than what you're likely seeing on screen, just quick little sketches in my date book.

Here I didn't have a real beverage because I couldn't drink anything for a while, so I just drew the inside of my mouth.

Yes, my handwriting is this terrible if I don't expect to be showing it to anyone. I endeavor to be neater when writing notes for others.

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