11 September 2015

Life of Art SitRep #292 The Back End

The mysterious changes I alluded to a couple week's ago are now live. Please stop by my store, Rocklawn Arts, and let me know what you think of the redesign. Do you like the order of the sections? Or would something else be better on top?

It's a significant shift to the layout but should be mobile-optimized and also shows my curated collections of items. E.g.,

Realizing that if I only updated one design description a day, I wouldn't be done until well into next year, I decided to up my pace this week. It's still taking longer than anticipated but I'm nearly done with phase one for all of my photographs. (Alas, I'm sure I have at least 3 times as many pattern descriptions yet to do.)

Also for the first time I'm actively culling certain product types that are dated (like old phone cases) or no longer seem like a good fit for my images. Previously it hadn't been worth the time, but I believe it will ultimately help optimize my store and items in search. Here's hoping less is truly more.

Finished reading The Small Business Online Marketing Handbook: Converting Online Conversations to Offline Sales.

How was your week?

A whopping EIGHT years ago on TTaT: Floor time
(Apt this week as I have been spending time on the floor since I threw out my back.)

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