07 May 2014

Found Time

Over the past few months, I've gained roughly 2.25 hours per week.

First, I decided I'd had it with CSI and deleted it from my DVR.

Next to the chopping block was Bones.

And then NCIS. It started with scheduling conflicts since Glee and Marvel's Agents of Shield all air at the same time, but I found I just didn't miss it.

I haven't missed any of them.

These shows have all been on so long that I've gotten tired of the antics they use to "stay fresh." I've had enough. What's really awesome is that I gave them all up mid season when there was a time I would've felt compelled to finish out the season.

Remember when shows were lucky to last 5 years? The 10+ year network tentpole shows are wearing on me.

I still watch Grey's Anatomy, but it'll be on the fence after Sandra Oh leaves this year.

One new mystery series I love is The Bletchley Circle. It just finished airing season 2 on PBS. Each season has 4 ~45 minutes episodes. Set mostly post-WW2 in London, it follows women who used to break German encryption codes at Bletchley during the war and the lives they now have in part because of the Official Secrets Act. (I.e. they can't tell anyone what they really did during the War. And that part of these characters is based on real women who did code breaking work at Bletchley.) They are uniquely qualified to see patterns in crimes.

What I love also is that it's crime solving without the benefit of cell phones and computers. They have to do the legwork. Their approach is smart but not always valued because they are women.

So often on network crime shows, I find myself yelling in my head at the TV because these highly trained operatives can't get within 20 feet of a suspect without tipping them off or calling their name so they can do an elaborate chase.

The women in The Bletchley Circle never make me feel that way. Well, maybe once, but there were good reasons for it. It just feels a lot more plausible than most present day crime shows.

Highly recommended.

And if you're looking for some extra time? Take a look at what takes you the longest to get around to watching on your DVR. Good hunting!

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  1. I can't wait to cut more shows this summer.

    1. Yeah, the winter break + Olympics gap some shows had made it easy to see I didn't miss them at all. Summer is another opportunity!

      It has upped my reading time. :)