07 May 2010

Life of Art SitRep #13

A series to mark what I did to further my pursuit of a life sustained by my art each week. Committing to these posts is a commitment to action, because to have content for them, I have to do something. Every week. If you have any sort of goal you're pursuing, feel free to share your efforts of the past week in the comments. Or encouragement, that's good too.
This week, I
  • Shot 193 photos.
  • Drew 5 sketches.
  • Scanned 9 drawings.
  • Submitted photo to NY Times "A Moment in Time" global photo project.
  • Got info from zazzle forum to encode + so I could remove final products not available in my shop. Look at me editing CSS. Woo!
  • Backed up all three advanced store code windows to text file.
  • Tweeted/FB'd zazzle 2-day shipping offer and Flooded Golf Course folder link.
  • Submitted my store link for promotion via 4 threads on zazzle forum.
  • Revised my store intro, tags, product tags. (May shoot self if I realize one more way I should revise product tags.)
  • Added statcounter to my store.
  • Made cards, postcards, prints, postage, magnets of Sunset over Onota Lake, horizontal & vertical:
  • Sunset on Onota Lake postcard Sunset on Onota Lake card
  • Made magnets of numerous photos:
  • Transamerica Pyramid magnet After Hockney magnet


What did you do to pursue the life you want this week?

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  1. Wow. This post makes me feel a tad unproductive--so consider my envy a form of encouragement!

    What I did do last week: spent a few hours hashing out draft two of the current novel, did a reading/talk to share the last one, started reading a book that may inspire a future one?

  2. Oh, don't feel unproductive! My list may seem long, but I give myself credit for the small stuff and I'm still working out how to be effective.

    Yay for your efforts! Reading totally counts. Technically, drawing shouldn't be on my list, but it ties into the underlying though intangible emotional sustenance of art which I also want to characterize my life.