10 September 2012

Speaking of Beauty...

So I rambled some thoughts about beauty in the realm of hair and makeup the other day and two interesting things have come up since.

First, Kenna wrote a great post about her shoot with Sue Bryce. The way she describes her glamour photography experience with Sue and Simona, I'm in.

Second, ‘The Talk’ Hosts Makeup-Free Stunt today featured the hosts without makeup. It is somewhat reassuring to see before and afters of famous people who are almost always made up in media coverage.

I'm not immune to vanity. Why else would I read a book about curly hair care?

As follow-up to that, I discovered Trader Joe's sells 2 varieties of reasonably priced sulfate-free shampoos and botanical conditioners. Though you can't smell the lavender oil, I was initially bothered by it when my hair was still wet since I'm allergic to lavender. I seem to have developed a tolerance for it over time. Not sure using them has made much difference though.

However, using an old t-shirt to scrunch your curls dry is definitely the way to go. Or a microfiber towel. The latter may be worth switching to because the holes in my retired t-shirt keep growing with startling alacrity.

Using curl clips to take the weight off the base of the curls on top of my head was a bust since the clips just slide down my hair defeating the point and exacerbating the problem. This would probably work better if I used gel or a curl enhancing/de-frizzing spray, but I don't like how it feels when stuff is in my hair.

The only thing that counteracts my vanity is my comfort-first approach to appearance.

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