30 August 2012

Best laid plans...

What's the point of making arrangements, giving everyone a couple weeks to follow through, calling to double-check everything's been done and told "Yes," if a few weeks after that it's like those arrangements were never made?

I'm very frustrated right now.

For an industry that's supposed to promote health, it's ironic how much stress and anxiety dealing with doctors, doctors' offices, pharmacies, and health insurance causes me.

I think this is a case of the pharmacy thinking they were doing me a favor by sending a renewal request to my old doctor, but instead it's all hopelessly complicated now.

Not quite "hopelessly" perhaps, but wheels are now in motion in a tight time frame that may leave me screwed.

I'm not sure if it's better or worse that I don't have to make the calls to try to sort this out. On the one hand, I hate making these calls. On the other, it's literally out of my hands. At least for now. I could call and yell at my insurance company for telling me everything was sorted, but I don't think it'd help or make me feel any better.

I was hoping writing this out would make me less worried, but in some ways it's just helped me visualize the possible worst case scenarios in much greater detail.

On to something else then for distraction. I had an epiphany this morning about the best and easiest way to transform text in a png file from black to white. Invert! Time to give it a try.

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