22 June 2012

Life of Art SitRep #124 Powers of Two

This week, I watched the rest of Jared Platt's "Ultimate Lightroom Workflow" on Creative LIVE. And in a move that may seem counterintuitive, I bought it even though I don't own Lightroom (yet). His methodology for photographic workflow was that good.

A tidbit for you, Jared's 4 rules for selection:
1. No distractions.

2. Comparative review: You make better decisions based on options. When you look at one image at a time, you make worse decisions and it takes longer.

3. Positive Selection only: He only picks, he never rejects. Rejects are waste of time and bum you out.

4. Trust your gut instinct.
I took a stab at sorting 4 new folders of photos by Jared's rules. It's an adjustment since some other aspects of his workflow are out of order with what I've been doing, but it did help me be hardcore about my non-selections. Why waste time reevaluating stuff I didn't pick later?

And in a two-fer, I watched the first day of Tabletop Product Photography with Don Giannatti. I've been waiting for a true product photography workshop since I first started watching workshops on Creative LIVE. (Their workshops tend to focus on photographing people.)

Don's a great instructor and I'm looking forward to the rest of the workshop over the weekend. It's FREE to watch while it's live (or during the nightly replays), so check it out at http://www.creativelive.com/live!

It may not sound sexy, but if you want your Etsy and Ebay products to look better, this will help.

The biggest thing I did this week I can't really talk about, but I achieved significant forward momentum that will surface down the line. I'm excited. There's more work to be done but I'm proud of this step.

The process of adding more folio style iPad Cases and Kindle Cases to my existing designs continues. (Turns out the more designs you have, the longer it takes to add new products to them all. ;)

How was your week?

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