29 February 2012

The Day of Leap

So, per Havi's suggestion, I'm going to try an experiment on Leap Day by test-driving a shift in my thinking.

Recently when a friend answered "well enough" to "how's it going?," I laughed in recognition because it's a phrase I've taken to saying much of the past year. Then I considered why I am so reluctant to say "good" or "well."

I'm trying to consider my life objectively. It could really be better and part of me wants to honor the truth of that. Mostly I think I don't want the people close to me to think things are better than they are. I can't say that saying "well enough" has really made any kind of difference though as far as they are concerned. It does not generally lead to follow up questions or concern or support. What it does accomplish is that it keeps me focused on what's wrong rather than what's right or is actually going well all things considered.

No matter how flawed things may seem or feel, I live in a first world country in which I have a place to live, clean water, food to eat, health insurance, internet access, and cable TV among other things. I am rich compared to most people on the planet.

Are there myriad people more affluent than I am? Absolutely. But perhaps things are not so bad as they feel when I insist on saying, "Well enough."

So for Leap Day, if someone asks how I am or how it's going, I will answer, "Good, thanks," (or "well" if I'm feeling grammatical) assuming nothing is seriously awry.

What idea or behavior would you like to shift for the Day of Leap?

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