17 July 2011

The Return of the Black Pig

The black pig is back! I thought I'd blogged about the black pig before, but I can't find it. I may have just tweeted about him/her last year.

The black pig can be found lying in front of a small house's front porch on rare, joyous occasion. S/he has a rope tied around its waist to keep it from wandering off, but I've never even seen it standing, just chilling out on its belly right next to the porch. There's a ramp that leads up the stairs to the porch and we've often wondered if it's for the pig. The black pig is a large creature, no petite pot-bellied pig. Remember Suzanne's pig Noel on Designing Women? The black pig is about that size.

We stopped seeing the pig last fall when it got cooler out. There was always the possibility they had the pig to eat it, but I started looking for it again in the spring. Last night was our first sighting of 2011. Yay!

Further down the road, I got to see the tiny, tiny goats. They are so small it's hard to tell if they are baby pygmy goats or baby regular goats, hence 'tiny, tiny goats.' I also saw a deer and as I pulled into the driveway at home, a turkey. All in one excellent outing last night!

What animals have you seen lately?

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