28 June 2011

How to find forgotten money

Suze Orman had a cool tip on the June 18, 2011 episode of "The Suze Orman Show." You can download the episode for free from iTunes to see for yourself if you like. The tip starts around 41:50.

To find out if you have money in old accounts you've forgotten about, check these two legitimate sites:


I didn't expect to find any and didn't, but it was still nice to double-check since I've moved around a fair bit. Also quick and very easy to do. To prove it's worthwhile, someone else with my name has an account out there worth over $100. (Different middle initial and at a place I've never been, so I know it's not mine.)

To see if you have Treasury bills, bonds, or notes (that, for example, your parents got for you but never told you about), go to:


and click on "Check Treasury Hunt to see if you own matured savings bonds." It's at the bottom of the left-most column under Individuals.

Happy hunting! I'd love to know if you have any luck with this.

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