16 June 2010

Thank you, Nigella Lawson!

Around the winter holidays, I watched a cooking special by Nigella Lawson. I've long been a fan of hers, watching Nigella Bites back when it first aired on the Style Network.

The food in this particular holiday special wasn't really my thing, but I distinctly recalled that she used something sparkly to decorate her dessert to make it more festive. I filed that knowledge away somewhere deep until I found myself in the cake aisle of the grocery store a couple days ago. However, I could not for the life of me remember what the substance was called.

In any case, they didn't have it. For all I knew, it could've been a UK product or one only available in metropolitan areas in the States.

Mom suggested Michael's since they carry a bunch of wedding cake supplies. I walked down the aisle, scanning the display of cookie icing, and turned to check the other side.

Edible. Glitter.

Once I read it, it seemed so obvious. I was just happy to find it. Michael's didn't just have silver though; they had an assortment of colors and styles.

I used green glitter on top and blue glitter on the lower edge of the cake with silver star glitter along its edges (all edible glitter). Chocolate frosting isn't the ideal background for the colors, of course, but it does show up relatively well. The edible glitter really didn't impact the taste, so I could've used more of it. (I also didn't have much time to think out the camera lighting to best advantage. It was cake and present time!)

Yes, I know the 7 went out, but he didn't notice before he blew out the rest. It took 8 matches and 2 people to get them all lit in the first place. Also, those number candles melt like you wouldn't believe. The back of the 7 was pouring down the back of the cake. Fortunately, the wax came off easily enough once the candles were all out.

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting: super tasty! Not overwhelmingly sweet as that combination can sometimes be. Yay, Mom! An excellent cake baking/decorating team effort.

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  1. Most excellent, Claire! Nicely done!!

  2. Thanks, Merujo! I've become a little obsessed with fancy cakes lately. Mine doesn't compare to those but I'm still very happy with how it turned out.

    And it's SOOO tasty!!! Really, I could go wolf a large 3rd piece down right now, but I will resist since it's after 12.