04 June 2010

Life of Art SitRep #17

A series to mark what I did to further my pursuit of a life sustained by my art each week. Committing to these posts is a commitment to action, because to have content for them, I have to do something. Every week. If you have any sort of goal you're pursuing, feel free to share your efforts of the past week in the comments. Or encouragement, that's good too.
This week, I
  • Shot 394 photos.
  • Went to an art fair. Looked at lots of artists handouts, site names, store names. When I told a couple of people that I really liked their stuff (even if I didn't buy it), it was so clearly appreciated that I made an effort to get over my shyness to express that more when I felt it. Totally worth it every time.
  • Registered a URL (my first, can you believe that? TTaT's a blogspot address, so you probably can.) and several other accounts with its name. Still not sure I'm going to go with it though. Really need to just fucking decide.
  • Prepped Maidenhair Ferns photo, made stamps, postcard, card for shop.
  • Verified that I can't switch products or images from one store to another on zazzle. (So if I want to change my zazzle URL, I have to start over. sigh. Need to bite the bullet and start if I'm going to though.)

What did you do to pursue the life you want this week?

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  1. 394 photos. Wow! That is motivating me. I took .. let's see .. 30. On the bright side, I am pretty happy with most of them (well, they're still on my camera, so I can't be completely sure yet). :)

    I like to tell people how much I love their work, but it's hard to do when I can't buy it. It feels like I must not really love it if I'm not buying it. But that's silly. I will try to make more of an effort. Thanks.

  2. Hey, 30 is great too. If I were shooting film, the number would be drastically smaller. I shoot a lot of "safeties" on digital since focus can be hard to gauge with the camera I'm using. And some times I just make minor adjustments to my composition. (Though I often like my first shots ;)

    What I realized at the art fair is that there are so many reasons why a person might not buy something which have nothing to do with the work. It's also a right people (a la Havi) sort of thing. I can love/like something but not be able to afford it or have somewhere to put it, doesn't mean I shouldn't say I loved/liked it.

    Every person whose work I complimented? Their eyes lit up as they said thank you. I showed them their work was appreciated and, in effect, encouraged them to make more. That's worth something too.