10 June 2010

It's OK to Zag.

Preferable even. Because it means you've already Zigged and hence overshot what you were going for.

The past two weeks I've been over-thinking so much, overwhelmed with the prospect of starting over, of making another wrong choice I will have to fix down the line. The thing is, I don't have to start from the beginning again. I've accumulated a lot of materials I can reuse with little revision and a lot of knowledge I can apply to this course correction.

If I must subsequently Zig again months from now (an idea I'd do well to embrace, as this being life makes it probable if not inevitable), it's OK because I will still be moving forward. It's so easy for me to become paralyzed with indecision. Better to mush on even if I need myriad course corrections.

But perhaps over time, the Zigs and Zags will align closer to my aspirations.

Now to attend to some much needed Zagging...

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  1. When I consider the week-to-week of my Life of Art series, of course, I've been zig-zagging all along, just to lesser degrees.