21 June 2010

Goddamn motherfrakking ants

The bug guy came finally, variously delayed with no good explanations. After treating stuff inside and spraying outside, he said, "If you see any more ants, don't kill them. If they're still around in a couple of weeks, give me a call."

It's been a few days, but now that I'm seeing them in my room – where I hadn't before – I'm calling bullshit on this whole let-'em-live thing. Talking with my dad, he pointed out that since the exterior was sprayed, none of the ants that were already inside are going to go out now. If anything, they'll come further inside.

It's just frustrating seeing these stray motherfuckers wandering about.

Reminds me of when my parents were really frustrated by a bunch of ants living in our front steps. I was in 2nd grade at the time. To express my solidarity with their frustration one day as the three of us stood outside looking at the stairs, I yelled, "Goddamn motherfucking bitch bastard asshole shithead ants!"

My parents looked at me for a moment. I started to worry I'd done something wrong. And then they burst out laughing.

It's about three decades later and my mom still relishes telling that story. I get why it's frustrating now. My expression of it hasn't changed much though, except to be a bit more concise with a side of geek.

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  1. Wow! I don't think I knew those words in the second grade! :P

    We sometimes have ants in our kitchen and it is so frustrating to try to get rid of them!

  2. Might've been 3rd grade, but still... my parents didn't know I knew those words until then either. I probably learned them from my older brother or all the boys I used to hang out with then.