11 March 2010

The Bulb Show, a spring treat

I've got more winter photos to share, but here's a spring reprieve:

If you can get to the Spring Bulb Show at The Botanic Garden of Smith College, go. The suggested donation is just $2. I'm allergic to flowers and I really enjoyed it.

In the lobby exhibit space in front of the greenhouses is a super cool exhibit called The Inner Beauty of Flowers. Retired radiologist Merrill C. Raikes uses his expertise to print x-ray views of flowers and other plants. The effect is delicate and beautiful.

You can read about how he does it and see several of the prints online: http://radiographics.rsna.org/content/23/5/1149.full.pdf. I liked trying to figure out what I was looking at before reading their titles. If he'd had a book of his work, I probably would've gotten it.

For now I'll content myself with the 275 photos I took of the Spring Bulb Show. I'll post more down the line.

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