10 November 2009

Dance Dance Revolution: First Encounter

March 17, 2002

Caught a late matinee and then went for a walk to see what, if anything, was new at the mall. Most of it's one story, but at the end where the movie theatre is, it becomes two. That upper section is typically empty storefronts with the second floor of Parisian down at the end.

As I walked up the escalator, I heard deep booming bass. Like most entertainment these days, it doesn't seem to count unless it's LOUD. A glass-walled arcade full of kids was at the top.

I glanced in as I walked by and got the biggest grin, realizing I'd have to circle back to watch more.

I'd call it the dumbest idea for a video game ever except that people were actually playing. “Dance remix.” It's big and practically right in the doorway of the joint.

Two-player game. A small platform you have to stand on with up, down, left and right arrows arranged like points of a compass. You start with your feet planted on the left and right arrows and then... you dance. As far as I can tell it's basically “Simon says” as you watch arrows come up on the screen in front. The video display also has goofy looking dancers on it. There's a step for every bass beat and since it plays techno, it's fairly fast. At the end of a level?, it scores your accuracy.

What was most amazing to me was that two young teenage boys were playing with a slew of people watching from behind. Of course, they both got perfect scores. Apparently there is a target audience for “Dance remix” after all.


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