24 September 2009

Somebody with my name likes what I like

So a week and a half ago, Colleen aka The Communicatrix left a great tip on twitter:
Social media birthday tip for you: Go to YouTube, type "happy birthday (your name here)" into the search box, and enjoy.

I was busy doing other things on my birthday and the past few days, so I only just got around to checking it out.

I love Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars and in other incarnations, so the one with her is my favorite. Also dig the music and the rocking montage skills on display.

The next clip is a close runner-up or perhaps tie as it has more birthday content. But seriously, this was time-consuming to shoot: NYC time-lapse, holla! A lot of effort went into this, you can feel the love.

Thanks, Colleen!

A year ago on TTaT: bowling, bowling, bowling


  1. You're welcome!

    And did I miss your birthday? Happy birthday! (Or, as we say around these here parts, "Happy %#$%#@ Birthday!"

  2. It was a few days ago, but I'm still happy to receive birthday wishes. Thanks! The curse version is worthy since I share the day with pirate lingo. :)