20 July 2007

Maybe it's time to move

Doctors stress me out. Dentists somewhat surprisingly (considering how other people react to them) really don't bother me. Being able to keep my clothes on in front of strangers apparently keeps me reasonable.

Initially I was going to say that I don't like doctors, and that it's not personal, but that's not strictly true. It is personal in a couple cases. I miss my Florida PCP. She was cool although hard to get an appointment with within 3 months unless something was wrong. Seeing her at a vending machine staving off low blood sugar when I was on my way out after my first appointment made all the difference. Sigh.

Since my new health insurance plan has better coverage, I was going to be good and schedule a long overdue gyn appointment even though I loathe those exams. Turns out if I want a female ob/gyn in my area who accepts my plan, I have only two options. After forcing myself to research and actually make the call, it turns out she's not accepting new patients (although of course it says she is on the web). I don't think I have it in me to try calling the other one today.

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