20 July 2006

Dude, something lighter

And now some miscellaneous from this week:
    •The nearby Burger King that burned down last year has finally reopened well over a year later. Well, not even burned down so much as some kind of arson kitchen fire. No doubt that held up their insurance money. In any case, Huzzah!
    •I haven't gotten any great endorphin rushes since I last mentioned it, but I've kept to working out at least 3 times a week this month. I've already surpassed my total workout days from June by 4. \m/
    •Do I need a backpack? Not technically so much, but I do want one. I've been an L.L. Bean backpack devotee since the late 80s; they're durable (I've only gone through 2 since then) and the straps and the back are padded. I still have the second, but things were spilled, it didn't take machine washing that well, and after months in a damp basement, the zippers are stuck.

    The fact that they call the styles I had/have "classic" now does make me feel a bit old, but the new ones are just so cool. Water bottle holders? Audio cord port? Ergonomic cushioned lumbar pad? Yeah, baby. On the one hand, I have no daily need for one right now, but on the other, I always take my backpack when I travel. Not that I'm traveling much these days. Perhaps it's something to put on my birthday list in a couple months then...
    •The dreaded invite arrived yesterday. "Black tie optional" indeed. I think not, although I may postpone my no for a while to delay the likely inevitable, "Why aren't you coming?" inquisition. ARgh.
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  1. My general theory is that one never needs to justify an accesory! You can't have too many. Especially when it comes to a good backpack!

  2. That's what I like to hear, Bre! :)

  3. I find it ironic that you are talking about L.L. Bean backpacks. We just ordered one the other day and it should be in at our place either today or tomorrow. it is only the second L.L. Bean backpack I've ever needed to own either. I still have my old one from high school and it's in incredible shape. We've gone through a couple other packs in the years between but none were as good.

  4. Kevin: Sweet! You'll have to post a pic of your new bag. And yeah, they really do hold up well. Before the L.L. Bean packs, I used to go through one every year at least... they'd have huge holes, tears, by the end of the school year because they just couldn't handle the weight of all my books.

    The one I still have now (a larger version of my first one) has gotten seriously heavy use for over 10 years, so it's been well worth it.

    Did you get the illuminex? I don't think I'll shell out extra for it, but it looks like fun.