29 July 2007

Day of Reckoning

Having engaged in some quantification last Sunday makes today the day of reckoning. I will be bummed if I have not made a millimeter of progress.

I should be patient, right? Besides, even if there is no progress, it's entirely possible I staved off regression of which I was previously unaware. It's not like I assumed a hefty workout regimen or altered my eating habits. Ok, perspective, good.

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  1. Well... mixed, actually. I was glad I went into it with better perspective because the results made me recognize additional factors in play. (E.g., how likely is it I will measure the exact same areas from week to week? Not likely enough to preclude margins of error of a couple millimeters either way.) ARgh.

    The margins of error in my results should level out over time.

    Haven't been too motivated this week though. Gotta work on that.