29 July 2006

A beginning is a very delicate time

As I ponder how to start my travelogue- the first story is already scrawled out to fair completion somewhere- I find myself wondering what background is necessary for it to make sense. Every beginning has a precursor, but in this case that precursor could easily lead back a year or even several, more than I care to contend with at the moment.

I should go find what I've already written. Maybe I already set it up well.

Ok, I'm back, and let me just say that I'm amazed it was in the first notebook I pulled out of the stack as a possibility. I think I can make it work within the confines of that tale though I could reveal the pertinent background as part of events that preceded that. Hmm, where to begin.

UPDATE: Taking advantage of pieces I've already written seems like a good thing to do, so here we go.

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  1. You could always start a travelogue (if that's a sort of travel blog, at least..) over at www.mylifeoftravel.com. I've been meaning to have mine more detailed, so I haven't told anyone about it, but "scholiast's travels" is there somewhere..

    My niece finally arrived in SF - she's started a blog about it too. It's in Norwegian, but you might recognise some spots in the photos! http://frkjulie.blogspot.com/

  2. I think I'm more likely to keep up with stuff if I keep it all in one place. The travelogue is coming, I swear. All this SF talk is leading up to it.

    The writing will get to the road at last in another couple days!

    I hope your niece is having a good time. I'll check out her pics.