01 May 2007

How cheap am I willing to be?

Pretty cheap, apparently. I just got my hair cut at SuperCuts, and I used a coupon.

After a couple of progressively shaggy months, it feels great to have it four inches shorter. Gets it way out of my collar. I feel fit for public view again which is good since the annual town meeting is soon.

On an unrelated note, old eps of Star Trek: Voyager airing on Spike recently have really made me laugh.

7 of 9: He is persistent.
The Doctor: Don't worry. I'll be sure to tell him 'Persistence is futile.'


7 of 9: What about the massage you received from Lt. Jeren?
The Doctor: That was therapeutic.
7 of 9: You became sexually aroused in my body.

So funny. If the dvds weren't so outrageously priced (~$100 per season!), I'd consider buying a few seasons.

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  1. I can top that. For a one-time investment fee of $25, I now get free haircuts courtesy of my wife and have for a couple years now. Although it may be time for new clippers.

  2. [taps fingertips together a la Mr. Burns] Excellent.

  3. I'm going through Deep Space 9 with my Netflix subscription. It's brilliant.

  4. DS9 is good. I've seen 'em all or damn close to it.