05 November 2006

the train bridge vlog

So... that train bridge documentary I mentioned the other day? This is it. Please don't judge it too harshly. We weren't allowed to use light meters yet (it was only the second film I ever shot) and reversal film is unforgiving, like slides so you can't correct for exposure after it's shot.

Also, the original transfer from film to VHS wasn't perfect to begin with (as you'll see), and if I think too much about the lens and gate filthiness, I will ditch this post altogether. So without further ado...



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  1. OK, let me preface this by saying that I don't know much about film, but this is damn cool. And the music is exquisite.

  2. Thank you. When I consider it with less of an eye for professional execution, I find that it has a dreamy quality I quite like. The music I can take no credit for at all, that was Lawrence's pick.