08 November 2006

Third time's a charm

After two too weak novocaine experiences, my Battlestar Galactica-loving dentist shot me up with a heavy-hitting anesthetic. Numb all the way to the middle of my lip? Heck yeah, and then some thanks.

Grey, pouring, but not cold: as good a day as any to get a filling. I remembered to bring a book this time. As much as I love tv, I don't feel like watching it at the dentist's. Unfortunately the book I'm actually reading now is coffee table sized, so I grabbed a paperback from my shelf only to discover later it was one of those cheesy unauthorized biographies. It seems to stress the staff out a little bit when I opt to sit quietly, like I'm a guest refusing the offer of something to drink.

In addition to the remote, he offered the magazines and newspapers from the waiting room, but newspaper ink makes me sneeze and the germophobe in me just doesn't want to touch magazines that have been pawed over by countless people.

The filling went well, but my cheek is still so numb that I'm not supposed to talk or eat until it wears off in a few hours. I just feel like taking a nap.

In other news, one of the ballot questions for my town lost by TWO votes. I voted yes and my parents voted no. Ggrrr.

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  1. Hope your mouth feels better very soon! I am not a germophobe at all, and had really never thought about magazines at the doctor's or dentist's office, and at the beauty salon "have been pawed by countless people."

  2. Thank you. The anesthetic is almost totally worn off now. Much more potent than the one he tried last time. Mostly I got really hungry having to wait. I'll have to pick up a smoothie if this ever comes up again.

    Also, doctor's office mags- infinitely worse in my opinion.