20 November 2006

My brain is numb

Who knew there were so many DDR dance pads out there? I knew there were soft pads and hard pads, but I had no idea just how many were available (100+?). This is one of those unfortunate times when I know just enough about something to become totally OCD about my selection process. I thought I'd settle it this afternoon but no luck. I've narrowed it to a basic type, but there are still soooo many options and so many conflicting reviews. argh.

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  1. I had never heard of a dance pad before (where have I been all of this time??!!??). Are you really going to buy one? For yourself?

  2. actually, and here's where my obsessiveness really shows, all this research is just for my xmas list. However, if I get the other necessary components to play dance dance revolution (DDR) on the day but not the dance pad, I will buy myself one.