03 July 2006

Endorphins, O my!

It's day seven of the sporadic workout initiative started in June here at TTaT. Today at last I was blessed with that workout motivator, the endorphin rush. I'm still feeling pretty good which bodes well for my efforts to exercise more frequently this month.

Six days for all of June is pretty pitiful, I know, but it's a start and that's the important thing.

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  1. Yeah -- I am good for three times a week, but it's taken me TWO YEARS to get there. Be patient with yourself, it will come.

  2. Thanks, Michele. 2x so far this week. I'm fairly patient as I've done this cycle many a time: build up to working out every other day or more, plateau, break routine with travel or become ill or injured or otherwise sick of doing it, quit for some long stretch and then eventually start again. It's the keeping it up after the plateau I find hardest.