02 June 2005

Not so bad, but no so good either

The phone calls weren't too bad. The first one eased me in with an automated system that would calculate a quote for you without having to talk to anyone. Unfortunately the quote was $466.23/month. I got to skip several calls altogether because the agencies don't sell plans to individuals, only companies. The next plan I was eligible for had a rate of $399.60/month. The $257 something plan that had seemed egregious to me some months ago was looking better. I called them back and pressed them for a cheaper option, and she very reluctantly told me that the $5000 deductible plan cost about $200 a month. She was being shifty, but I made her agree to send me info on that plan.

Honestly the whole experience left me wanting to send my residency verification letter back checked with "this is just my billing address" to San Francisco where (unbelievably to me) my insurance is much cheaper at $188 for TWO months. Basically I'm shelling out cash every other month so that I can say to some other provider that I have insurance and thus can be insured. I shouldn't have mentioned it to my dad because I knew what his reaction would be: "You don't want to do that. It's a waste of money." Of course my answer to that is just to drop it until I get some work and can afford it again, but he'd rather help me pay it then let me do that (which I also knew).

What's so aggravating is that I hate going to doctors and only go at dire need unless a rare wave of adult responsibility temporarily engulfs me. Ok, maybe I'm not quite that bad, but for the most part when I've had insurance, I still haven't been able to afford co-pays and prescriptions and most importantly the rise in my insurance rate for having had something wrong with me. Dad mentioned the best way to get around this was probably to get a job with benefits. No fucking kidding. Most of the jobs here are part-time or 35 hours a week for the precise purpose of not giving people benefits. But I don't even want those jobs. Before I talked to him, I felt accomplished even if all the news was poor, but now I'm just upset and frustrated. Breathe, kid. Time for some exercise.

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