25 June 2005


There's nothing like dealing with health insurance companies to make me livid, though truthfully this latest screwup has me mostly resigned since I'm still grogged out from yesterday.


June 9: I call and ask for a proof of coverage letter. I'm out of state and have been long enough I have to switch to the more expensive local insurance.

June 20: I still haven't received it, so I call and ask them to send it again. At this point I bemoan the fact my printer/copier does not have a fax. Can they email it? Of course not.

June 25 (today): I finally get the letter and it's dates are so completely wrong as to make it useless. They have no customer service on the weekend, so I must wait until Monday. I believe it's time to call in a favor and borrow someone's fax number, so I can deal with their screwups more precipitously.

I was hoping to have this sorted out so I could start my local coverage July 1, but it now looks like I will have endure some gap of no coverage thanks to those inept twirps.


In other news, I had a lovely time walking around Cambridge yesterday and hanging out with one of my dearest buds. Wednesday night I'd had an irritating dream about missing turns and getting lost, but in the dream I wasn't the one driving and felt that if I had been, it would've been fine. And so it was in real life. There were a couple of accidents on the highway, but after those the moderately heavy traffic picked up to speeds I probably wouldn't have gone had the road been empty, so I made great time. Though Cambridge does involve crossing a river, it was much easier to navigate than I found Pittsburgh to be with it's rivers and tightly packed one-way streets.

Later on, we met up with her bubbly, accomplished little sister and on her recommendation went to Darwin's, Ltd. to grab a bite for dinner. The prices were really reasonable for the quality of food, and many places charge as much for pitiful sandwiches. For $6.50, I got the Hubbard Park: hummus, avocado, apple, carrot, lettuce (since they were out of sprouts), cheddar, and honey mustard sauce on pumpernickel. It's the healthiest thing I've eaten in ages, and it tasted great. I think there are a few franchises in the Boston area, so if you come across one, I highly recommend it.

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