02 June 2005

My arch enemy

There's nothing like researching health insurance to make you feel ill. Will no company suck it up and post a base level of fees? Go ahead and put loads of disclaimers on it so I know that if I've ever been ill a day in my life the price will be higher, but let me get an idea of how much you're going to hose me before I bother calling. I can't think of an expense I resent more than health insurance. For the two years I had a regular job with benefits, I didn't mind, but all these other years of paying individual prices have sucked. I want to ditch it since I can't really afford it at present, and ironically there've been a number of times I would've been more able to get services if I'd had no insurance at all. However, I would hate to stick my family with exorbitant medical bills if something unexpected were to happen, and I'm well aware how hard it is to get insurance once you no longer have it. Gggrrr.

I hate making phone calls. I can do this. I'll feel better if I go ahead and get this over with- at least round one of comparison shopping. Ok, I'm going... really I am. ... now.

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