22 June 2005

Mmm, Bacon

Ever have one of those moments where a scent memory wafts through your consciousness? I just did and it smelled like bacon.

And now I crave some, but my best chance of getting any is to dream about it. So here's to lucid dreaming!


  1. Mmmm... bacon... I actually haven't been able to eat bacon since a friend's wedding in Atlanta last October. The hotel where we all stayed had horrid ventilation, and, when they prepared a couple of pans of bacon for their buffet breakfast each day, the smell not only clung to the air, but crawled up into all the guest rooms.

    We all smelled like a pound of Hormel pork products. This made things very awkward for the Jewish wedding party. All the women were dousing themselves with perfume before they headed out to the synagogue, as they felt the rabbi wouldn't be thrilled if they showed up smelling like bacon fat.

    I was merely a cafeteria Catholic guest, but smelling like bacon for two days kinda put me off for a while.

    Eventually, I'll ride that pony again, though. Sometimes bacon is soooo tasty. Horrible for you, but soooo tasty.

  2. That's pretty amusing, I suppose because it was so wrong for the occasion.

    I have mild allergies to lots of perfumes, flowers, and such so smelling like bacon doesn't sound that bad to me. Just so long as it was well done.

    Smelling like grease I consider an entirely different matter. I remember being along for the ride to pick up my brother when he worked at McDonald's in high school- he absolutely reeked of grease; it was nauseating.