18 February 2018

You'll Never Guess

At dinner with my parents my dad said with enthusiasm, "You'll never guess what I found and bought at the grocery store!"

"Ooh, don't tell me. I want to guess," I said.

"I get second guess," Mom said.

"OK, I won't tell you then."

I already had something in mind but I considered the options for a minute. What would Dad think would be impossible to guess? I came up with a second option. Which to choose? I went for the second one which hadn't been at the store for longer. We hadn't seen it for at least 10 months, probably longer.

"Ambrosia," I declared.

Dad looked at me blankly.

"Apple," Mom said by way of clarification.

I couldn't tell if I was right or not from his lack of expression.

"I got three," he said.

"Wait, I was right? They had Ambrosia apples and you got some?" I asked. (They are my favorite.)


I raised my arms overhead in victory. "Nailed it down to the specific type!" I said with a grin.

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