16 February 2018

Life of Art SitRep #418 Shamrocks and Easter Eggs

This has been a week mainly of production. Not as much as I would've liked but with more variety and different types of products than I usually make.

Created some designs for upcoming St. Patrick's Day: Are You Wearing Green? Shamrock; Irish Lass, Green Shamrock; Irish Lad, Green Shamrock; and St. Patrick's Day Green Shamrock:

You can see the rest of the buttons, t-shirts, paper coasters, bottle openers, temp tattoos, and more in a new Happy St. Patrick's Day collection:

Created a St. Patrick's Day board on Pinterest.

Added Easter Egg Hunt Basket Photo to stamps, card, invite, favor bags:

Also created 50 and Fabulous teal gift wrap and gift bag:

Made monthly backups. Have you backed up lately?

10 years ago on TTaT: Bridging the Gap (I was much further along reading that year than I am this one.)

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