22 December 2017

Life of Art SitRep #410 50 & Fabulous, Tropical Beach

So, over the past few weeks I started re-arranging my store, shifting my approach. Over the past week, I've really doubled down on leveling up my shop. It's still going to take time but I'm working through courses I'm optimistic will help.

Mostly I've stopped being so stubborn about my approach. We'll see how it goes starting with some niche products I created this week.

I've already learned a few things as well as being exposed to someone else's workflow which I find curious in how different it is to my product creation habits. I expect I'll end up combining pieces with my workflow for the most efficient process for me.

Before tackling the courses, I created a couple more Shower Curtains:

Also created a new Cool Geometric and Abstract Shower Curtains collection:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Custom Shower Curtains at Rocklawn Arts!

Culled 6 more photos from last week's shoot, rated rest.

Created a variety of 50 & fabulous items:

Also created some Tropical Island Beach Turquoise Water iPhone cases, power bank, and USB charging hub:

I expect I'll have links to collections for all of those products next week.

Also watched "Lens Cleaning: Two Minute Tips with David Bergman,"
"TIP Rules for Fast Image Selection HP" by Jared Platt,
Vanessa Van Edwards talk "Worrying is Not an Investment in Failure Prevention,"
and Rachel Rodgers Best Year Yet: How to set goals, make a plan & get the results you want in 2018 webinar.

How was your week?

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