22 July 2016

Life of Art SitRep #336 About To Burst

I know, last week I said this week I'd hopefully be able to show you something new. I'm so close now! Of course, I keep creating new things which add to the queue of things to sort before posting, but it's coming along.

Started post-processing a blue mesa badlands photograph. That's what you're most likely to see up next.

Finished my second pass culling of what I've photographed so far in 2016 and deleted 3 more. (Pays to be brutal early on!)

Created two new patterns in Photoshop that I will pair with gouache and watercolor backgrounds I've started painting. Painted four so far.

Mom gave me an idea for another drawing I should do, based on something I've drawn many times, and I did a rough sketch.

Took 5 photos dressed up as Doc Holliday. Made mustache, soul patch, and side burns too!

Photoshopped one to take out background and correct color a bit.

Watched "ConvertKit Connect More by Doing Less: 8 automations you need today" Webinar.

Consolidated all animal tags in Lightroom under Animal, deleted repeats. Cleaned up a few other stray tags.

I realize this may not look like much, but I feel like I got quite a bit done. The amount of actual art-making I did this week feels good.

How was your week?

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