17 July 2016

Inspired by Wynonna Earp to Try Something New

I'm not a cosplayer. I'm not even someone who is gung ho to dress up for Halloween.


Something about Wynonna Earp and its wonderful, funny, creative fandom inspired me to ask myself:
Which character could I look most like with what I have on hand?
The women I love from the show, Wynonna, Waverly, Nicole, all have hair for days which I do not. Nor do I dress remotely like any of them.


My hair is dark and about the same length as Doc's though much curlier. If I pull it back with a barrette to dry, it looks a bit straighter when I remove the hair clip.

So what does Doc wear that I have?
Vest: check
Long dark coat: check
Black stetson: check
Various button down shirts: check
Dark pants: check
Huh, go figure.

Of course, Doc is not Doc without his mustache, soul patch, and side burns. I cut those out of a small piece of black cardboard I found while looking for dark brown or black felt. No stubble for simplicity's sake.

Et voilĂ ! Claire as Doc Holliday:

If I were to shoot it again, I'd skip the coat so the vest would show up more and maybe change to my blue linen shirt.

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