21 December 2011

Hoodie Holiday Song

You know how it is when you get the first line of a song in your head, so then you have to write the rest of it?

Um...me neither? Let's chalk it up to an illness-induced delusion. I've been under the weather for about a week, finally getting in to see my doctor yesterday. (She was running an hour late, and I had a morning appointment! My blood pressure was so ridiculously high by the time I got in.) Anyway, though I wasn't feeling physically much better, I did feel about 10 times better mentally for having an answer and a course of action. Wrote this little ditty and thought of you all.


(Runtime 1:01. You'll probably need to turn up your sound.)

For the record, I do still have one more gift to wrap. When I thought of wrapping it last night, I wrote this song instead, and then today I made this video. I should really stop procrastinating. S'all right though, I take it as a sign I'm feeling a little better, enough to have some fun.

I hope you all have lovely, fun, restorative, and refreshing holidays!

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  1. Hope you continue to feel better- happy holidays!

  2. Thanks, on the mend albeit slower than I'd like.

    Happy holidays!

  3. Glad you enjoyed it. There be lots of goofiness here under the hood. (Or the hoodie, as the case may be.) :)

  4. Dear God I wish I had seen this earlier because this is totally the best part of my holiday season now.

  5. @IronFist I wish you'd seen it earlier to. It was like I put it up and then heard the crickets chirping there for a while as far as the video went. HOWEVER, I'm super glad you've seen it now and that it brightened your holidays!

    It will be here for you next year. :) (Or later this year, I suppose.)