23 February 2010

Gettin' My Groove On... (vol. xiv)

...to "Standing Still" by Jewel:

Claire dancing #1Claire dancing #2Claire dancing #3Claire dancing #4
(Previous grooves.)

I was feeling motivated to work when I noticed it was 1:07 AM. In theory, my new rule is shut off the computer by 1 AM so I don't stay up so late screwing around. It's an adjustment and some days I'm better about it than others. It's not so much a rule anymore as a guideline. If I'm going to be productive, then OK.

I was grooving out to some music, so I decided to take a quick late night groove series before getting down to work. No complicated setup or lighting, just the auto four-shot in Photo Booth. My first take came out so well I decided to post it.

And here we are. Um, so much for the work. Probably just as well as the high energy feeling didn't last that long.

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