17 July 2009

Ladies cut t-shirts

When you put on a ladies fitted tee shirt, V or crew-neck, where do the shoulder seams land on your body?

I was at a J Crew outlet last night, and I was proud of myself because I went to the women's side of the store to look at clothes first. V-neck tees were what I had in mind so I picked up a bunch in various sizes, colors, and styles to try on. The deep Vs coupled with my uber pale chest made all the colors I remotely liked look horrible on me. The cut of a medium actually felt loose to me (no doubt in part due to the deep V), but the shoulder seams were properly aligned with the edge of my shoulders.

I can't fathom wearing a shirt with the sleeve seams actually on my shoulders as opposed to the edge of them or below. Is that just the nature of ladies cut t-shirts? Or maybe it's just a matter of needing bigger bosoms. Probably the latter. Just because I'm tall does not mean I have a big rack.

Their men's V-neck tees were better, the V about half as deep, but they didn't have any smalls in stock. I ended up getting a dark blue men's linen shirt which they call "tailored." It's actually a nice fit.

When I walked outside, it was a lot darker than when I'd gone in, grey clouds covered the sky. I pointed out an unusual edge to one of the clouds to M.

"It's going to rain any minute," M said.

"It is raining over there," I said, pointing to a dark grey section of clouds to the North. (Driving cross country, I'd gotten good at recognizing distant walls of rain.) There was a flash of lightning and M looked at my still raised hand. "Am I making you nervous?" I joked while gesticulating, "Oh no, it's going to be a..a..."

"Lightning rod."

"Yes, exactly." I smiled and we got into the car.

About thirty seconds later, the deluge reached us. Excellent timing.

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