17 July 2008

I was right to fear

It's just barely been 3 days since I last turned my computer on and I've got 252 feeds to read.

The window guys finished yesterday as scheduled which is great, but, of course, they're not totally done. They have to come back in a few weeks to finish up some stray bits they have to order parts for. The house is still in great disarray. On the upside I'm getting a bedroom with a better view and a few more square feet out of it, but it entails a lot more work to swap the rooms and get settled again.

I've resigned myself to getting my graph paper and architect's ruler out so I can figure out where my bed should go. Historically, my bed rests in a corner to maximize floor space, but if I let my bed jut out into the room, it'll be easier to make and I'll have more wall space for shelves. There's still a lot that has to be moved out though.

Ooh, I think I just remembered where my old scale furniture cutouts are. And they're not in storage! Not all of them will apply, but it'd save me the trouble of remeasuring and recutting a few things. I hope I'm right.

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  1. Maybe you'll end up having fun rearranging :)

  2. I'm not sure fun is the right word, but I think I will be more satisfied with the outcome.

    Totally glad I hit the graph paper though (although all from scratch, sadly).