08 July 2009

Summer treat: 3Way

A web series born during the WGA strike of winter '07/'08, 3Way is 'the hottest lesbian comedy NOT on TV!' Tagline aside, 3Way really made me laugh, and it also impressed me with its high quality production value: acting; costumes; sets; direction; sound; writing; you name it, professional effort was put into it. The excellent guest cast and the TV shows within the show (Young Doctors Who Cry and LadyCops) are extra treats.
3Way is Three’s Company for a new generation.

After a tabloid-worthy divorce from vintage action star Dirk LaBonte, Siobhan (Maeve Quinlan) moves her lesbian best friend, Roxie (Cathy Shim), into her house believing this will be good for both her soul and her newly flattened wallet. Siobhan’s looking for a brand new start. A week later, in true lesbian fashion, Roxie moves her new girlfriend, Andrea (Jill Bennett), into the house, making it a 3Way. Roxie’s ex, Geri, (Maile Flanagan) inserts herself into the 3way.

Siobhan’s brand new start looks a little crowded. It might not be what she envisioned, but it’ll be one hell of a ride!
Watch 3Way Episode 1: Let the Gaymes Begin: Part 1

You can watch the entire first season online. Most episodes are about 8-10 minutes long, perfectly summer sized! (Often NSFW because of language.) Be sure to watch the silly 'coming next' tidbits during the end credits.
Episodes #1-5
Episodes #6-12

Also be sure to check out the confessionals which fill in the backgrounds of the characters in hilarious fashion. They run more like 3-5 minutes a piece:

Watch 3Way Confessional #1: All About Siobhan

Confessionals #1-5
Confessionals #6-15

The 3Way website is full of bonus materials: character blogs, descriptions, behind-the-scenes footage, lost scenes, and more, so be sure to look around.

What summer treat would you recommend?

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