09 December 2008

And then there was calm, at least temporarily

Honestly, I didn't feel much better after writing last night which I found both disappointing and a little suprising.

Before I went to sleep though I felt like I had the answer. Picking 20 photos would be easy, I'd do that. I felt settled and relieved and went to sleep.

Upon waking, my brain went 180; I would just submit text. This too felt reassuring.

Part of the difficulty I've been having is in the planning of what I'd work on for a year starting 6 months or later from now. Some of what I'm doing now should be done by then, so what would be next? I don't tend to think this way, though perhaps I should.

The answer came to me while I was in the shower. Before I started this application, I felt like what I was working on would be more than one project. So there's the next project, duh. Just stick to the plan.

gotta jet.

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