13 September 2008

Nothing she wants

Among other things driving me a bit crazy now is the fact I have no idea what to get my Mom for her birthday, two days before mine next week.

The only thing she suggested to me was a $5 bath accessory which she has since bought. Granted, I said she could buy it, but still, it's not like that was a great suggestion and I'd thought she'd add more to her list.

All my brother has to do on the other hand is mail her a disc of various photos of my niece that he's been saying he would email or send since last February! So... by not doing what he said he would as photo worthy occasions cropped up throughout this year, he now has something he can send her for her birthday. Fuck that.

I get not wanting anything... I do, but it's damned inconvenient and crazy-making for me. I'm almost to the point of scratch tickets and gold peak iced teas. The problem is that I'd like to give her something tangible that she could use or hang onto. However, her house is overwhelmed with stuff; she doesn't need more jewelry or another tzotzche, and anything she actually wants, she buys.

I thought I was onto something the other day when I thought of Land's End, but then she happened to walk through one and said there was nothing she wanted. Bah.

For all the times I've asked her what she'd like or if she'd like specific things, all to no avail, she's never said she didn't want anything but rather that she'd like to be surprised. Hence the crazy-making.

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  1. I suppose I am lucky that my Mom is easily wooed by a pedicure.

  2. Yes, yes you are.

    I just wandered about town looking for a bit since I hadn't in ages only to be reminded that the pricing is for tourists. Saw an art book I knew she'd like but it was 2x what I had in mind to spend. So there's that too... grrr.

  3. It seems that the older people get, the harder it is to buy them things, because they have OR can buy everything they want for themselves!

    My mom has so much junk, I always have a hard time getting something for her. I just try to think about her hobbies, or things I enjoy (like a DVD) that she may enjoy as well, and send her that.

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks, Kilax. My mom is essentially never "in the mood" to watch dvds, so that would be a bust, sadly.

    I'm calmer today though having parlayed some moving of furniture up and down 2 flights into dinner of my choice AND another bday suggestion. Socks (on sale at Target no less), but it's something. In tandem with some other stuff that's come to mind, I think I've got it. Tomorrow will tell...

  5. My 25 yo daughter once sent me a gift basket full of stuff she bought at Target- candy, bath stuff, new dish rags,a book, wine, just all kinds of different stuff. (Since the Halloween decorations were out - sept birthday as well- it all came in a cauldron. I refuse to read into that. :) There was nothing expensive in there, but I knew she walked around the store for a long time, looking for odds and ends that I would like and would/could use. (I'm 47, btw) One of my favorite all time gifts.

  6. anon: The cauldron bit made me laugh. Thanks for the suggestion, it's pretty much what I ended up doing today. And my but there was a lot of Halloween stuff out. I chose to be good though since my bday is 2 days after hers. ;)