08 September 2008


"What?" As usual there was a lot of background noise when I called his cell, so I didn't understand what he'd just said.

He repeated, "I'm in Paris."

"Paris?" When we'd exchanged e-mails/texts a week earlier, he'd been on his way to Palm Springs for the weekend.

When I didn't hear from him after I expected him to be home, I was worried that I'd upset my unflappable friend with my last round of aggressive story notes, but now he assured me that wasn't the case. He's in Paris. Outside at a cafe perhaps. I can picture that.

Though I wasn't the cause, I was right to sense that something was amiss. He was feeling down and decided to go home for a while via Paris. Even his depression is cosmopolitan.

If I'm ever going to ...
Well, I need to renew my passport.

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  1. I wish I could be that random!

  2. It's nice to pick up and go at whim sometimes, but my bud and I are both relatively unbound. It sounds like you have a nice life with Stephen.